Fundraising Ideas

Put the fun into fundraising!

There are many ways you can help with raising money by having fun!

Whatever your interests are - sports, music, movies, quizzes, gardening, fashion, gaming, dancing, cooking, travel - there's a way to engage your friends and colleagues in activities which raise awareness of inequality, injustice and poverty and which help to improve the lives of children and their communities in Cambodia. Just think of what you like to do most and see how you could do it AND raise money for a great cause!

An easy place to start is to make your own page at Virgin Money Giving, which will let you set up a page for Honour Villge with details and photos of your event or challenge or activity. Your friends can sponsor you with credit cards or PayPal. If you sell something or collect money directly from friends, you can also add it to your Virgin Money page so people see the total amount you collected!

The important thing is to have fun and make sure everyone else has fun. Make it regular but vary the activity or increase the excitement! Giving doesn't have to be boring! And don't do it by yourself - involve your family, friends and colleagues or classmates.

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving