Disclaimer: Below are some videos made by visitors, friends and volunteers at HVC. Please note that they may not represent current conditions in Honour Village Cambodia and may not represent official HVC policy.  

The video below was made by Liam Collard, a photographer based in Thailand, the UK, and Hong Kong, following a visit to Honour Village in 2014, when it still had some resident children (all our children have now been reintegrated with families or foster families or have moved into independent accommodation with support from HVC). The music is by Ben Montague, a friend of Liam Collard's. 

 The video below was made in 2016 by a volunteer at Honour Village Cambodia. 

The video below is from 2013 and by a volunteer to Honour Village Cambodia who was living in the United Arab Emirates. The interview is by a media student at Abu Dhabi Men's College in Abu Dhabi, the capital the UAE, on her return. 

Please note that all video content on this page and the content of linked videos or playlists represents the views and opinions of the original creators and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Honour Village Cambodia (HVC).