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This page has some links and resources and videos. Check back from time to time for more! (Please note our policy regarding third-party content and sites.)

Here is an amazing slideshow by Liam Collard, a photographer based in Hong Kong, about Honour Village. You can find more examples of Liam's work in his portfolio and blog. The wonderful music is by Ben Montague.

Honour Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia Awareness project by Liam Collard Photography.

The video is hosted on a Youtube page by Sophia Martin.

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More Videos

Please visit the Honour Village Cambodia channel at Youtube ( or click on the links below for individual playlists.

A Volunteer Story

Jessye Sutton talks about her time at Honour Village Cambodia. She went there again the following year to work in the target="_blank" >Children's Hospital. The interview is by students in Abu Dhabi Men's College, and the interviewer is Zayed Abdullah.

Honour Village Cambodia videos

The videos in this playlist were made by HVC or by volunteers or sponsors who visited. Please note that we cannot allow unannounced visits, but you are welcome to contact us for more details.

The first video below was made by Hannah Popham, a UK-based student who volunteered in the summer of 2012.

Life in Cambodia

These videos are just a selection of the many available on Youtube about life in Cambodia. They are not made by HVC and may not necessarily reflect HVC opinions or policies.

Angkor Wat

These videos are just a selection of the many available on Youtube. They may not reflect HVC policy, but we hope they give you some idea of the incredible sites at Angkor.