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Have a look at a short guide to volunteering in Honour Village (PDF)

Volunteer Handbook

We are always looking for flexible and willing volunteers. Download the Volunteer Handbook to find out more!


We welcome volunteers for a minimum commitment of one month with us. We want to provide stability for all our children and in particular for our residential family, for whom it is important to minimize the number of people coming and going. Volunteers can obtain a 30-day business visa on arrival which can then be extended in-country. Stability is our key. We particularly welcome longer-term volunteers and are proud to have the Project Trust and Cambodian Rural School Trust placements up and running.

Any volunteer working with us will need to undergo a CRB check and provide an employer's/academic reference. We will meet or talk to all volunteers in order to discuss the most appropriate role for you in volunteering, and take you through our child protection policy. This is purely to safeguard our children, as we're sure you'll appreciate. We have a strict child protection policy, which we will ask you to review beforehand and sign.

We will also ask that you obtain the correct travel insurance before you leave and will ask for a copy. This is to ensure any liability you may be open to is covered by your insurance.

Project Trust

From the Project Trust website..

Project Trust website

".. Your role is quite varied ranging from assistant teaching to 1-to-1 work to play-leading. The teaching can be challenging as class sizes vary and there can be a small number of children with special educational needs. There is plenty of land at Honour Village so you can play football and other sports with the children. A lot of time is spent just being around for the children and assisting the Cambodian staff. This project requires a lot of initiative, looking at the routine of the children and seeing what you can do to help or to enhance their daily lives. It is not unusual for us to place more than two volunteers in Honour Village as there is plenty to do.."

Visit the Project Trust page about HVC.

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We do not charge for volunteering. We simply ask that if you eat lunch with us, you contribute $1.50 a day towards our costs. We will also ask you to buy 2 t-shirts (or more if you wish!) at $3 each to be worn at all times while in HVC.

We do not have accommodation on site, but some rooms are available in a house nearby for $50 a month. However, we have several supporters in the town of Siem Reap who will be happy to offer you bed and breakfast packages, and may include transport (we are about 20 minutes tuktuk or 30 minutes by bike from the town centre) and airport pickup. By all means ask us for our contacts or book your own accommodation for the first few days to settle in.

If you are able to raise any funding for our work, we would really appreciate your efforts, as we are still a young organisation and work to a very tight budget. Ask us for ideas if you're stuck if you wish to do something. Even a sponsored jog can surprise you! Every penny you raise will be receipted and put through our books, generally in the UK.

Please note, this is no easy task - It's hot, sticky and dusty! Volunteers will be asked either to act as play leaders or as assistants for longer-term class teachers in English or maths classes. Occasionally they may be asked to teach a class, particularly if they are qualified teachers. Highly motivated play leaders provide an extremely valuable English and social learning experience for our children. Other possibilities include working in the library, cleaning and redecorating, playing ball games reading stories to small groups, enjoying a picture book or joining in with a jigsaw puzzle.

Other Opportunities

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We are now a member of ConCERT, which brings together organizations and projects aimed at eliminating poverty in Cambodia. Click for more!

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Have a look at a short guide to volunteering in Honour Village (PDF)

Volunteer Handbook

We are always looking for flexible and willing volunteers. Download the Volunteer Handbook to find out more!


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Read some volunteer stories on this external site at http://tinyurl.com/volunteercambodia. Please note that not all the links on the site are related to Honour Village Cambodia, and individual volunteer stories may not reflect current Honour Village needs or policies.