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Honour Village Cambodia was founded in 2010 by Sue Wiggans, a retired English primary school teacher from the Isle of Wight. Sue had travelled and volunteered in Siem Reap before and seen the real need for a locally-run, well-managed and financially-transparent project to help local children and other vulnerable community members.

Sue's determination, skill and enthusiasm resulted in a meeting with His Excellency Seang Nam, an elected and extremely well-respected local member of parliament. Seang Nam was inspired by Sue's passion and vision to donate land to the project and become our Patron. Months later, the first buildings of Honour Village Cambodia had been constructed on the 4000 metres of prime land in a beautiful rural setting.

Honour Village is now home to 17 residential children and 18 Khmer staff, as well as providing education and other support to many children and families in the neighbouring villages. The project is managed by our Country Director, Tiev Chunnly, while Sue lives locally to provide teaching and general support to the staff and children. The locally registered Community Support Group is governed by a board of Trustees and is the sole beneficiary and partner of HVC UK.

Sue sits on the local board and acts as Chair to the British charity. None of our board members locally or in the UK receive any expenses nor take a salary. To contact Sue, visit our Contacts page.


His Excellency Seang Nam MP - Patron and Honorary Chairman. Mr Nam has represented the people of Siem Reap in parliament for 15 years. He is also the owner of City Angkor Hotel and a public benefactor.

Yun Linne - Director of HVC and Human Resources Manager at Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap. Mr. Linnie moved from Phnom Penh 6 years ago and today lives with his wife and child in Siem Reap. He was formerly manager of an educational NGO in Siem Reap.

Albert Hastreiter - Director of HVC and German pharmacist, who has lived in Siem Reap since 2004 with his Khmer-born wife. Together they run Chea's Guesthouse in Siem Reap.

H.E. Nam SeangYun LinneAlbert Hastreiter

Tiev Chhunly - Country Director of Honour Village Cambodia. Chhunly has had a very wide experience of work locally, and brings expertise in many areas to his work as Manager of HVC.

Dr. Len Rodgers - a Senior Aquaculture Specialist in the USAID-HARVEST food security initiative.

Siek Ky - Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Angkor Hospital for Children. Siek lives in Siem Reap with his wife and son.

Mr Tiev Chhunly Dr Len Rodgers Siek Ky

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Dan Taylor - Secretary - gro.egallivruonoh@nad *

Dan supports the UK charity by co-coordinating volunteers and managing the administration of the charity in the UK. Having travelled throughout South East Asia and spent time more recently living and working in Cambodia, Siem Reap is a second home. He is currently based in London working for a Power Management firm as Systems Manager.

Catherine Kellett - Trustee - gro.egallivruonoh@tac *

Catherine has travelled extensively through South East Asia and volunteered in Thailand after experiencing the Boxing Day Tsunami and the devastation it caused to the country. Her love of South East Asia brought her back to Cambodia in 2009 where she met Sue whilst volunteering as an English teacher. Since returning to the UK she has continued to support Sue and the work of Honour Village.

Alex King - Trustee - gro.egallivruonoh@xela *

Alex spent time working as a volunteer on a village development project close to Siem Reap in 2009/2010, where he first met Dan and Cat. He currently works in advertising in central London and supports the charity by helping out with the marketing and fund raising.

Tom Colborne - Trustee - gro.egallivruonoh@mot *

Tom has worked in the charity sector for almost 10 years in senior fundraising roles. He currently works as Head of Fundraising and Development for HIV charity TackleAfrica, an organisation that he helped grow into a professional organisation over 5 years as a volunteer and Trustee. Tom has fundraised for many of the biggest international campaigns and issues over the course of his career, listing the British Red Cross as a former employer and raising over £300,000 as a volunteer.

Julian Darrall - Trustee - gro.egallivruonoh@nailuj *

Julian has travelled extensively throughout Asia and supports the charity in the UK through fund-raising and legal support. He is currently a Lawyer in Central London.

Tyler Barros - Non-Executive Director - gro.egallivruonoh@relyt *

Tyler has supported HVC since its inception providing support from his base in Hong Kong and delivering over 50% of the charity's funding through consistent high-profile events. Tyler's events with the support of local friends through Solas bars have delivered sponsorship of over 30 children and enabled the development of the village to become more self sufficient.

All trustees are purely volunteers and all pay every penny of their own expenses. They claim nothing back from HVC.

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