Our Wishlist!

Our resident family of 30 children and their housemothers, our school, and our outreach to the community need these things:

For the children:

For Honour Village School:

For our community support programme:

$30,000 (GBP 20,000) will build our new 2-storey block, comprising a play shelter for our non-residential children, *first aid room, teacher's rest room, (both these will double as confidential interview rooms for social workers); upstairs there will be two more classrooms, bringing us to eight, with one being a dedicated computer studies room. So far, our fund has reached $8,000.

(*At present, our village children have no shelter, except in our library, from the sun, rains or high winds as they wait for class. This room will provide a play room, and this in turn will mean quieter classrooms as children no longer need to play right outside the doors and windows!)

If you would like to help us with any of these needs, please contact us or go to the Virgin Giving button on our website.